The secret android app for a longer battery life and more privacy

Have you ever wondered how to make your battery last like you have just a few apps while having ALL apps that you want? This is the guide for you.

2 months ago   •   5 min read

By aquasp
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You probably noticed that that as the days go by, your cell phone, which used to have a very long battery life, now only has an average battery.

I recently bought a new cell phone and noticed something very interesting. I left it turned on with the wifi on, logged into my google account and didn't change any of the default settings.

I carried on using my old phone and noticed that this new phone was using a ridiculously low amount of power. Three days had passed and the phone had used around 5% of its battery. It could easily have been idle for 2 weeks.

So I wondered. Why does the phone change so much after installing apps? I'm not even talking about usage. Just leaving the phone idle on standby like my new phone barely lasts two days unplugged.

I've tried a lot of different things that are supposed to help, like disabling bloat apps, using the screen at 60hz, using the lowest bright. All those things helps, but not that much.

After testing for a few days, I finally found something interesting: Apps are constantly sending background usage. No matter if you try to disable notifications or change settings, they will most likely send data in the background, even if you set them as "restricted" or used "deep sleep" from Samsumg.

The great news is: For most people, there is a easy and convenient fix: Freezing apps. It works no matter if you have root or no, I'll show you step-by-step how you can set an really cool app that does the heavy job for you! The secret app is...

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